About us

family12Wolf Nor Dog Enterprises was formed in 2006 by my sister Anne and I as a way for us to showcase the writings of our brother Kent Nerburn, and introduce a whole new world of readers to his books. We also felt that his existing readers would enjoy and appreciate a unique way to share his writings with friends, co-workers and family. We believe in the worth of Kent’s books and feel that he has a gift for words and a way of speaking to, and connecting with, people from all walks of life.

Our name Wolf Nor Dog is derived from the title of his award winning book, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, one of his most popular titles. In creating these unique gifts, Anne and I carefully select the items that go into each gift basket, making sure that they are top quality, reflect the values of the author and enhance your book selection. We then package, assemble and shrink-wrap each gift basket ourselves. Kent autographs each book or CD. Seasonal embellishments are added to make each basket special. We welcome requests for customizing gift baskets as well. As a small family business, we strive to keep our costs competitive, and our quality high.

We welcome your comments and look forward to providing you with more unique products featuring the writings of Kent Nerburn.

– Carole & Anne