Greetings Friends,

This has been a challenging year for all of us.The pandemic has forever changed our lives.Many have lost their jobs, their health, and some have lost family and friends.Partly because of Covid 19, and the fact that Kent now lives in Oregon and I live in Minnesota, we have made the decision to close up shop on our online store as of December 31, 2020.

We feel as if we have made many friends over these past fourteen years! We thank you for your support of Kent’s work and the many kind words we have heard regarding how his books have impacted your lives.We urge you to visit your local, independent bookseller or Amazon in the future.

As a final offer, we will be selling autographed copies of the Dan trilogy of Neither Wolf nor Dog, The Wolf at Twilight, and The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo as a set for $47.

This is a 15% saving over list price, plus you will be getting autographed copies. We will continue to fill orders for other titles with in-stock items. No books will be back ordered.

This will be your last and only chance to get autographed copies of Kent’s books. If you want autographed copies of any of his titles as keepsakes or to give as gifts now or in the future, you should order before our supplies run out.

Our gratitude is heartfelt. Our wishes for you to continue find wisdom, solace, and humor in reading.

Thank you.

All the best,

Carole, Kent and Anne


Calm Surrender: Walking the Path of Forgiveness

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Kent Nerburn writes, "Forgiveness cannot be a disengaged, pastel emotion. It must be muscular. It requires action. It is called forth in the bloodiest of human circumstances, and needs to stand against the strongest winds of human rage and hate."

Calm Surrender takes readers on a moving, poignantly written journey toward such forgiveness. Nerburn recounts the experiences of a woman mistreated by the U.S. healthcare system, a Native American watching the old ways die, and a mother singing over the grave of her young son. He urges readers to maintain a forgiving heart in the midst of a world where cruelty, tragedy, and sadness abound.

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